Thursday, June 17, 2010

Comedy Of Errors

Well Hello and Happy Thursday. My 2nd official blog... I am a bloggin fool now.

So I promised I would finish my Sclero Journey with you, which is what I will do.

I call this comedy of errors because it was... It was almost funny in a Kooky McKookersville Kind of way. During this journey to find a diagnosis I would literally be calling my sissy every day and say... "well they found this now, and now I have to go in for this test".

I would walk in for a CT scan of the abdomen come out with a lung nodule and need a PET scan, which would find a thyroid nodule and need another scan. I'm case Crazy Town. I would walk in with one thing and come out with 4 other issues.

The only good thing that came out of my "diagnostic journey" is that me and my sister became very close. I don't think I would have made it without her. I really don't think my friends at the time understood how stressful it is to go through ALL of that testing, nor do I think they really even believed that one person could have ALL that drama. Believe me... I get it. It was almost unbelievable to me. But that feeling sucks when your tired, scared, know something is wrong and you feel like the people closest to you are kind a rolling their eyes going... "now you have that TOO?"

I know my body so I knew that something was wrong but when you don't look sick and can still do things - people don't really take you serious. I think the vibe I got was that I was a hypochondriac which makes going through all of that testing and stress all the more lonely.

Anyhoo...back to the comedy of errors. So it was after the walk and I just couldn't recover which is when I went to Dr. Feelgood for my yearly labs and a surveillance MRI. I have a past history of a benign prolactinoma from 1999 for which I am/was supposed to have bi-annual MRI of the brain.

Of course with a history like that and when I began to not feel well I assumed it was the tumor coming back and causing a rukus. I was actually prepared for that to be the culprit and call it a day. Been there - Done that.

Well, the brain MRI was okay with the exception of a new nodule (nodules are now my new theme will see) so I was sent for some labs, which of course came back abnormal, so I was referred to an Endo who then ordered a CT of my adrenals to rule out an Endocrine Tumor, which of course revealed no tumor, but did reveal a lung nodule, which in turn led to an order of a PET scan which did not light up (Thank god) but did reveal a thyroid nodule, which led to an MIBG scan which came back clean - but in turn led to an ultrasound which revealed an enlarged liver and spleen which warranted more labs.....and then my positive ANA was found.

Soooo I guess you can see why "Nodule" is my theme song and why my friends probably thought I was a drama queen hypochondriac and why me and my sister spent SO much time together on the phone. Like I said it was almost check that, it was funny when talking to her. I would call and say, guess what they found today!

So after my trip through the journal of radiological medicine and clearing all of the incidental findings... my MD of course focused on my positive ANA and that is when I was referred to the Rheumatologist.

It was the Rheumatologist who then ordered the Reflex panel (a test that shows what type of pattern the cells have) which came back with Centromere antibodies and then the real fun began!!

I was off to see "The Wizard".............

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