Thursday, July 1, 2010

The name of the game is wait.... and see.

As you remember I was off the the doc last week for some fun and adventure.

I received some lab results back and my PTH (Parathyroid Hormone) came back elevated. As a matter of record, we do have a history of parathyroid cancer in our family thanks to our lovely Aunt Marcie (who is perfectly healthy, fine and successful). PT Cancer is pretty rare, so I am not really concerned about cancer but having a family history of a disease always makes the docs perk up.

The culprit could actually be my Vit D deficiency. That or a Parathyroid Tumor (which are benign - just a pain in the a**). We are not sure, so for now the jury is out and the plan is to repeat labs and get a PT ultrasound. Repeat Labs, "Come on Down".

With a vitamin D deficiency you can't absorb Calcium effeciently, so your parathyroid gland works harder to produce Calcium, which in turn produces a high PTH Lab result.

With a parathyroid tumor, the body wants to shut down the Calcium absorption from the intestines and it does this by limiting the Vit D in the body - thus a low Vit D level and High PTH.

Right now my Calcium (CA) level is high normal at 10.5 (high is 10.6 and over) so I am on the cusp so to speak (just like my Horoscope - Aquarius/Capricorn).

So, due to pure body chemisty, a low vitamin D level can have a high PTH level with a normal calcium - and the issue isn't the parathyroid at all - Just the Vit D deficiency. So, "The tribe has not spoken" yet.

However - the Vit D deficiency could be caused from the elevated PTH levels.. and because of the low circulating levels of Vit D, my Calcium could actually be much higher when my D normalizes. Good news is, not cancer just a chemistry puzzle, so I guess for now we wait and play "Wheel of Fortunate"

It is a what came first - the chicken or the egg scenerio - which is a wait and see. Will the "Real Answer Please Stand UP"

I will keep you all posted to see what "the final answer" is... but if it is a PT Tumor, the treatment is surgery. It is out patient and pretty routine. Again, just a PIA and a scar. But I read that if you do have a PTH issue - once removed your energy level boosts and you feel so much better. Hmmmmm I guess we'll see.

I'll take a normal PTH level for $200 Alex. Yes, that's my final answer.



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