Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hotel Arizona

So my friend was in the hospital for about a week (non-sclero related) and after she was discharged on Wednesday, we got together on Thursday for some errands and lunch and decided that we had paid our Dell Webb (Hospital) dues and we deserved an impromptu mini spontaneous get-away, SO that is just what we did.

We went to The Arizona Grand Resort for an overnight in a nice soft down filled comforter bed with room service dinner, girl talk all night and lazy river tubing the next day. It was just what the doctor ordered. Perfection!

I feel like quite the jet setter lately. I am trying to make the most out of the end of summer and eek out as much fun as possible. I am at the home stretch. I have the Chariots of Fire theme playing and am slo-mo running to the finish line wind in my hair toward the ribbon and all.

Its like my private Extreme Summer Makeover - only instead of "move that bus" - my theme is "move that butt" (or sadly the two could be interchangeable with all of my post steroid weight gain..sigh)

But like I said - I am pushing through and making the most of the end of summer and trying to do as much as possible and moving my booty even though some days I don't want to, but I need some adventure in my life so I am trying to be spontaneous.

My one year anniversary is coming up September 12th. That is the first day my local rheumy uttered the words Centromere Antibody and Limited Scleroderma.

Even though I got the official Mayo stamp of approval November 1st - I still consider my anniversary as Sept 12th. It is a weird sensation having been through the roller coaster of the first year - but I am not there yet, so now I am just concentrating on ending the summer with a bang and living outside the box.

I have booked a spontaneous trip to see my sister and a few dear friends in Hot Springs Arkansas over Labor Day which should be a blast!! And upon my return from my last trip of the summer, my anniversary will be right around the corner.

At that point as my son will be in school and the lazy days of summer will be over I will have to change my programming to Extreme Life Makeover as I need to start reinventing myself and start living in the game again.

I feel like I kind of needed this summer to mourn the loss of my job, my new diagnosis, my MIA brother and a few other issues - but now it is time to pick up my boot straps, put on my big girl pants and get a life!

Bye for now - Off to exercise!!

Ok, yes working on the "Gettin a Life" part!

Being sassy - Strike a Pose - Sizzlin Summer Saluatation

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