Sunday, August 8, 2010

Raynauds? More like Ray Nots!

The joy of Raynauds.

When I hear the word "Ray" - I think of all things good or beautiful.

A "Ray" of Sunshine. A "Ray" of Hope. Ray Liotta......Most certainly not Raynauds!

Raynauds pretty much sucks. It is like having blue otter pops for fingers and toes. Your digits are constantly cold. If they do warm up and you get stressed or cold, they will turn into barely functioning Popsicles attached to your hand.

Not only are your digits cold, but they hurt too. When my hands are really cold I don't feel pain, I just feel cold and numbness. When the cold wears off a bit is when the pain starts. Almost like when you were little and played in the snow, then went inside and put your hands under hot water to warm them up and you would get those shooting needles in your fingers.

The lingering affects of Raynauds I would describe as feeling like you have slivers of glass in your fingers. Like you ran your fingers through fiberglass and are paying the price for it. It kind of hurts to touch surfaces.

It also makes your hands and fingers feel a bit drugged, like they want to work but can't because they are on something. Everything just takes a little more effort. You want to make a fist a lot and/or massage your fingers to get blood to the tips.

Your hands kind of have a constant ache, like you slapped the wall too hard. Sometimes you get a show of colors like a laser light show at a Pink Floyd concert, but mostly my hands get pale or white or my finger tips turn blue.

I often find myself in this new habit of holding my my four fingers in my hand and squeezing. Then changing hands to do the same with the other. The center console of my car has gloves in it even in the 115 Arizona heat because of the AC, so I am always prepared and packing. (No AZ pun intended)

The tips of your finger feel a tad puffy, sore, ache, feel sensitive and cold.

I'm not sure how else to describe the dreaded Raynauds.... Fiberglass in the tips of otter pop hands is pretty much as good a description as any.

May the warmth be with you.

Peace out!!


Raynaud Fingers!  :  )

I actually do love me a Blue Otter Pop!

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  1. The form of raynauds I have is so severe, vascular doc said worst case they have ever seen. I actually lost bone in my foot and jaw. The ischemic pain is horrible. It is so beyond just trying to stay warm, my whole body fatigues from the persistent lack of blood flow. I even have heart irregularities when I am cold. I am on a mission to spread more awareness of how severe raynauds can be for some. The textbooks act as if you can just rewarm or bundle up. So frusterating. I even lose my vision from the vasospasm in the eye when I get a chill. Raynauds is horrible.