Monday, August 2, 2010


Vacation all I ever wanted..... Classic Go Go's and that's just what I did.

I went. I was Go Go Gadget on vacation and loved every minute of it.

It was such an amazing and beautiful time.

It was my Dad's 70th Birthday so our entire family met up in Charlotte, NC for a Big B-Day Bash for him. We flew in from the ol' AZ and my sister Deb drove in with her family from Louisiana and we all met at my sister Bridgette's beautiful home.

We started our vaca with a tour of my sissy's town called Davidson, NC. Very quaint, clean and adorable. We then toured Charlotte which I must say is one of the cleanest cities I have ever seen in my life. It was really pretty. We loved all the green coming from the desert.

The next day we piled in our two cars to fit the Archibald-Stuckman-Ashbrook-Morgan crew (AKA - Archbrookstruckamorg) and headed up to Boone, NC.

It was really fun. We were complete dorks and took Boone, NC home of "Happy Appy" my Dad's Alma Matter by storm - We were "The Blue Crew" as we had matching blue shirts made for everyone to wear. It was pretty funny to see the eyes of the shop keepers and restaurant owners when 15 rather tall people (My dad is 6' 7" and I am 5' 11" with all other blue bodies in between) wearing matching blue shirts walked in. Not to mention we had obnoxiously painted our cars with witty little sayings such as "Boone-Chicka-Rocka" - Boone or Bust - Family Truckster and more.

We had a great time though. We walked around Boone, saw my Dad's Alma Matter, did a beautiful hike called Linswood Falls, went to a great outdoor cafe in Blowing Rock and then went to see "said" Blowing Rock. We then spent the night in Ashville, NC which is just dynamic. Gorgeous, trendy, funky, eclectic, cultured and beautiful city. We toured the Biltmore Mansion and then drove back home to my sisters house in Charlotte.

I did pretty great I must say. I did the hike on Monday with no problems and finished the Biltmore tour, but I think after the hike the day before and touring the Biltmore for 2.5hrs with no AC my joints went on strike and I started limping. My ankles decided to close up shop and go on their own vacation - but I did finish it and it was amazing. It worked out well too as we drive home from the tour which gave my joints time to rest.

The next day we got ready for the Lake Lounge Leg of our trip. My sister has a home in Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia - so we packed up the trucksters and drove up to Virginia. It was about 3hrs, but a beautiful drive. That night we just unpacked, made dinner and got acquainted with the house and gorgeous lake view. My family had some wine (none for me, on Methotrextae) on the patio and enjoyed the view, the sky and the night air. Kiddos were downstairs in the playroom and it was a perfect transition to the next leg of our vacation.

Ah, Thursday. The Lake. Nothing beats lounging on a float in a nice cool lake. It was heaven (sans the mosquito's). My hubby woke me up early and we did a kayak around one of the fingers of the lake by my sissy's home. It was so quiet and peaceful. The lake was like glass and it was just us. It was a really beautiful memory. When we got back, my sis Deb wanted to kayak so of course I obliged and we had fun re-enacting the episode of "I Shouldn't Be Alive" we watched the night before while being complete dorks in a kayak. When WE got back then my mom - AKA - MJ wanted to try to kayak, so we of course obliged again and had rather silly kayak races againts my mom/Bridgette's kayak and ours. Again SO fun and so perfect. The rest of the day was typical lake living. A little boating, a little tubing, a little floating, a little swimming and a LOT of relaxing.

The next day was the same, Lake Living and Lovin' every minute of it. We got the boat tour of the entire lake and it was just gorgeous. I mean, beautiful. My hands were a bit angry with me from my stint as a pro-am kayaker the day before, so I took it a bit easier that day. I was disappointed because I wanted to try tubing, but I knew my hands would not hold me (there is a lot of me to hold). They were already not agreeing to open a water bottle, so I didn't think they would like holding me on a tube for dear life - so I sat out on the tubing and just enjoyed the boat and the wind in my hair. I love that feeling, It is the best. It reminds you you are alive.

Saturday we took another road trip (otherwise known as a "Dumb Ride" in Archibald-ease) and went to see Thomas Jefferson's summer home and did the tour. It was great. Really interesting. He was a quirky guy. I think a tad OCD. His home was really intriguing. From there we did the Blue Ridge Parkway and sat in awe of the beauty and headed back to Charlotte to get ready for our flight home the next day.

It was an amazing trip full of so many laughs, new catch phrases, happy memories and almost pee in your pants moments. It was a hoot and a half. It was beautiful to see my Dad's face at his surprise party and the look on his face when he saw "The Shirts" (which the back was filled with many  famous Big D-isms). It was awesome to see all of the cousins play together, great to see my sisters, and just so much fun to get away and laugh - love and make memories.

I couldn't have asked for a better vacation. I have included some pics for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Peace and Love ~

The Archibald Sisters

Big D 70th Birthday Bash memorial Poster
Big D and his girls

Blue Crew taking Boone by Storm
The Biltmore
The Blue Crew in Boone. NC

Arch-Brook-Strucka-Morg Family Truckster


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