Saturday, September 11, 2010

Back in the Saddle Again.....

Fun on the Trolley - The Girls
Yes I'm back..............

I had a great time. It was wonderful to see my sister, as well as, to see how others live in different neck of the woods. I am always fascinated by cultural and regional traditions and differences.

Little Rock is by far, one of the cleanest (and cutest) big cities I have ever seen. It was a blast.

It was also so fun to laugh with my sister and my friends. We laughed until our sides hurt. Literally!!

I did pretty good as well. I was taking it like a champ and keeping up with the best of them. I definitely felt it and needed some down time on that last full day though, but that was OK with me. I had 3 full days of non-stop fun..for which I feel truly blessed, and if the price to pay is a down of down time....I'm in!!

I most definitely still feel like I am catching up on much needed sleep and rest, which I'm sure is part jet lag and part "getting back in the saddle" out here in Arizona.

This is my 4th day home and I had to get up early for my son's soccer game - so I am really low key today. Pretty burnt out actually. I helped out a friend on Thursday and Friday - and by Friday night my hands were crying. That coupled with the jet lag, and fatigue and I feel about 80 today.

I just don't know if this means my hands are getting worse or changing. I see a huge difference now when I use them more, from about 5 months ago. They seem to always wake up with "Mickey Mouse" hands and they are beginning to itch like nobodies business. Almost like they are being stretched, but alas, are not. No skin hardening yet!! Fingers crossed.

I must say I do feel much better seeing in print that I have only been back for four days with no real "Full Day" of complete down time. Like I have posted before, I am the queen of self blame. I am famous for the "Should of" and "Should Be" - so I have kind of been beating myself up about being so tired since I got home.

Mind you, the entire get away I did not follow my "Neapolitan Plan" (my life in 3 layers plan...) so of course it is OK to be tired. I just tend to self blame...think I am just lazy or I compare myself to my friend. "If she can go home tired from our day out, but then have the energy to go out to dinner with friends or go for a bike ride, then I should too" I must be lazy. Working on it. Ohhhh Childhood Catholic Guilt. Oiy!

Well, I better get back to laundry. I have a small mountain to attend to. For those of you who do not know what my Neapolitan Plan is....see the Sclero-Cabulary page!!

Peace, Love and Pics!!

Enjoy ~
My son - Respecting Karate

Me and My girls!!

The Duck Master - The Peabody Hotel
Sissy - Wax on - Wax off

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