Saturday, October 23, 2010

Blah Blah Blah Blog.........

It feels like there might be something in my teeth???
Blah Blah Blog - Just random stuff.

Bringing back the SNL - "Deep Thoughts" by Sclerodharma

Why and Self blame do not mix:
Why am I breathing so it the sclero?
No, I'm probably just out of shape, deconditioned, fat, gained to much weight - It's just me - my fault.
Why did I gain the weight, the steroids from the sclero?
And the beat goes on........

Losing Friends Sucks:
Getting diagnosed, then realizing your friendships weren't as strong as you thought they were. It sucks and it's lonely. The Big S itself is lonely. There is no safe place with Sclero.

Sclero; Always changing.
Consistently inconsistent.
Limited yet systemic and can affect anything, at anytime, anyway it wants.

This guy really one-upped the Snuggie!!

Flat Stanley:
Some days with Sclero you feel like Flat Stanley
The silhouette is there, just not a whole lot left inside.....


I liked it better when it was "Hammer-Time"
Now I have my cell phone alarm set for "Pill-Time"

Rainbows and Ponies: I just threw the puppies in for good measure. Puppies are cute. Who doesn't love a good puppy pic every once in while. I promise I don't have calenders or sweatshirts..... Just caught a cute moment of Iggy Pup and her stooge (for those of you ex-punk rockers...yep reference to Iggy Pop and the stooges!!)

Whoops I did it again:
I swear, strike 4 and I'm out.......
Everytime I clean my house lately, something happens. 
I think I am going to listen to the gods and get a housekeeper.
So, to ER twice after cleaning my house due to dehydration, then cleaned (big clean) and had a flare up the next day... and this last time, I cleaned for about 3.5 hours, mopped, vacuumed, counters - and the next day I could not use my arm. I mean it might as well have been "Idle Hands" - it was not cooperating. I had to go to the doc (he is a D.O) and have him manipulate my arm... Note to self: Get a maid! 




  1. I over do it too. The cleaning has to get done, even if it takes me twice as long and 3 days to get the swelling down and my energy back. It's getting more difficult, hadn't considered a cleaning service ;) Cute post by the way.

  2. Stacie,

    Did your doctor recommend any over-the-counter supplements?

  3. Hi Krissy!!
    Get a house cleaner! : )
    You deserve it!!
    I feel weird about having someone else clean my crib - but, I am thinking about it. We will see. Keep me posted if you do. Pact - If you do, then I will too!!

    Hi Anonymous ~
    Yes... Oh my goodness, yes! But I have been lazy lately and forget to take them. That or have a mental block against them like a two year old. But to answer the question - the MD put me on:
    Probiotics - Intestinal Health
    CoQ10 - Cell Energy and Vasodilation
    Alpha Lipoic Acid - Antioxidant energy booster
    EPA/DHA - Decrease inflammation (aka fish oil)
    Vitamin D - 15,000 u per day due to deficiency
    Calcium/Magnesium - Bone,Vit D help & muscle
    B12 Injections weekly - Due to deficiency
    Selenium - Cant remember why?????

    Which explains the aforeposted pic of my pill box LOL!!

    How about you?

  4. I was diagnosed in Nov. 2008 but had experienced symtoms since 2006. My local doctor thought that I was a hypochondriac. I had been going to my GP for 22 years. I saw him more between 2006-2008 than I did in the previous 20 years combined. I finally begged him to test me for scleroderma, but he said that no one had that disease. I then went to a scleroderma clinic (without a referral).
    The doctor at the center has not suggested any meds or treatment. I am seeing a new doc at a different center on Nov. 15.

  5. I'm sorry for your experience. I hate that feeling when you know someone is pacifying you or making you feel like your crazy. I got pretty lucky with my PCP ordering the ANA and it all kind of fell into place from there.

    What center do you go to?

    Well as far as prescription medication goes, I am on Methotrexate Injections once a week (which is a low dose chemotherapy immunosuppressant) with folic acid on the days I don't inject.

    I have not injected for the last 3 weeks due to life-busy-circumstance and BOY do I feel it in my hands....oh my goodness. It has an antiinflammatory property that I didnt think was working until I stopped it.

    When you visit your center, ask them about the Methotrexate. There is pill form, but I am unable to take the oral form due to my stomach issues.

    I hope that helps. If there are any other questions, concerns, or anything you would like to ask before you go to your visit, please let me know.

    I wish you well!!