Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Hi All ~

Sorry for going MIA there for a while. It's been a pretty crazy past few weeks.

So, I'm sitting in my bed one morning with my kidlet being silly and I go from laying down to sitting up and WHAMMO!

The room is spinning out of control. I mean, I am having a bout of vertigo of all vertigo's

I couldn't move. The onset of dizziness and nausea hit me like an iron skillet. It was horrible.

It was the weirdest thing... just out of the blue. Or was it?

For a while now I have been having this deep ear pain. Not like an ear infection per se', but a deep "want to stick a pencil in your ear and leave it there" pain that hits the bone.

While at the docs a few times I even asked him to look at my ears to see if perhaps I was revisiting my toddler years and had an ear infection. The answer was always - No - and the pain would pass in a few days or a week, so I would move on and forget about it.

I actually had an episode of vertigo last year.. My first ever. A bizarre out of the blue thing that happened, went to the ENT for it who said "It Happens", gave me Valium to get me through it, albeit - by the time I saw him I pretty much was, but kept the RX just in case. A year went by, so I threw that bad boy away and the incident was nothing more than a memory.

Since then I have had bouts of dizziness and nausea (not vertigo - just dizzy. BIG difference) but I always assume it is either sinus issues, allergies or the nausea from my GI issues.

Now I am a girl who knows nausea... when I have GI flares I am popping Zofran like Tic Tacs, but nothing matches the shear proportion of the nausea you feel with vertigo. Pig Suey! It is not fun.

When I was having the vertigo this time I tried to get up and make it to the potty. I swear you'd a thought I was on an episode of storm chasers during gales force winds the way I was hanging on to the wall to make it there.  Damn......That stuff is scary.

The bedroom turns into the "Deadliest Catch" and I'm a greenhorn (pun intended) trying to walk on deck. And even when the acute phase of the vertigo calms down, for rest of the day you feel like you were on a fishing boat all morning and just got off. And for good measure, your tummy joined the party cuz the nausea isn't going anywhere.

Not fun.....

So this time I got smart and went to the ol' doc and told him of my ear pain and bouts of vertigo to which he replied, there is such a thing as Autoimmune Ear Disease that acts a lot like Scleroderma that causes the narrowing of the ear canal which in turn causes pain, dizziness, vertigo and at worst - hearing loss.

Hmmm - Who knew?

He actually said, yes it could be Sclero related. We would have to do CT scan/MRI to see if there are any changes that can be visualized within the ear to explain the pain and symptoms, and if not - AIED is often a diagnosis of exclusion of which - You guessed it - there is no cure. Booya!

Sooooo the Big S decided it wanted a change of scenery and took a vacation up north. Good Times.

We don't know if that's the case or not - but we're looking into it.

The moral of this story is............Don't throw away the Valium. Vertigo sucks!

I will keep you all posted. I have to do my yearly Chest and Abd CT scan this month and I hate subjecting myself to  radiation that may not be necessary, so I am going to wait on the CT of head for now.

Maybe do the MRI since there is no radiation - But This Girl is seriously Claustrophobic, so we will see.

For now... Just keeping an eye (ear?) on things. Don't want to be ear-rational, but if it gets to be too ear-itating and the CT is ear-resistable - I will let you know.

(Yes - sadly I do crack myself up and I am that dorky)

That's all for now!!

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