Monday, November 1, 2010

CT Scan Results!

I think I had mentioned in one of my post about the need to get my 6 month surveillance CT scan of abdomen, pelvis and chest.

Well, I did it and the results are in. Drum roll please...........................

CT Chest:
I don't have the official results from the chest yet, but my lung nodule was visualized on my abdominal CT and showed the nodule size, shape and context have not changed - so that's good news!

CT Abdomen/Pelvis:
Bladder: There is still bladder wall thickening (Scleroderma can cause "Thickening" or scar tissue anywhere)
Liver: The liver is still enlarged, which MD feels is "autoimmune" related (Sclero can cause PBC of liver)
Spleen: The spleen is normal size - Wahoo!!!
and something new......

The sigmoid colon demonstrates scattered diverticula; Impression:
Sigmoid Diverticulosis

So it seems that perhaps the Big S has made it's way "officially" into my sigmoid colon. I know the MD had thought perhaps that was happening, but to see it in ink on an official report is kind of a bummer!

Guess what that means... You guessed it!

The dreaded Colonoscopy I have been talking about putting off - I think that bad boy may come to fruition sooner than I had anticipated. Merry Christmas!

This does kind of clear up the mystery behind my Koo Koo Clock episodes. I think the cramping with bowel movement and vomiting may in fact be due to the diverticuli? Who knew.... I didn't but I guess I do now.

I mean - I don't know "Officially" yet, as I have not been to the GI or had the Colo, but I saw the impression on the CT report, which of course got my interest peaking so I researched it (googled Scleroderma and Diverticulosis) and found there IS a correlation of Diverticulosis and the Big S.

Apparently "Large Mouth Diverticuli" are associated with Scleroderma in the Sigmoid Colon.

Hmmmm - So if it walks like a duck?

We will see - Guess I am in the Market for a GI doctor on this end of town.

As always - I will keep you posted.

Love to all ~

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