Monday, November 8, 2010

Rubberband Arms - Flare like you just dont care

Hi All ~

I have what I affectionately call "rubber band arms" today.

Basically my arms feel guessed it. Rubber bands.

No strength. Weak. Shaky.

Basically the analogy I use is; what you feel like after you have worked out hard core for too long, and your arms feel like rubber bands and you can barely lift them or use them because your muscles are shot.

THAT is what my arms feel like today. I dislike it very much. It has been a while since I have gotten an episode/flare this bad. To write this this very word has taken me 25 mins because I keep resting my arms because they are so shaky. It feels like a monumental task to life my arms using my shoulders - not as bad to lift my wrists.

I just wanted to post about it real quick because it IS a symptom I get and when I have posted about it on other sites, many people state they do too - Although it is never mentioned in detail in any literature.

I guess its bundled under "Muscle Weakness" - How bout puttin it under, hard to lift paper?

Do any of you get this?

I have that low grade flu feeling with swollen glands and I am EXHAUSTED... as in I took a nap yesterday and I never take naps!!

So perhaps this is a flare up? Was going to get a steroid shot, but my waist band said no (I'm at the point I have gained so much weight that when I bend over, my underwear is so tight it cuts of the circulation to my head! : ) Uggg

Anyway - I just took it easy today, got nothing done on my To-Do list and decided to post a quick blog about it.

I never knew this was a Big S thing until I posted about it, so I want to make sure I give it an entry.

Take Care everyone.

Have a rubber band free night!!

Peace & Love ~



  1. Hang in there! Some things do get better. After a couple of years, my muscle problems seemed to subside. Of course, there is everything else to deal with. Did you ever tell me whether or not you were still on IV's?

  2. See, I refer to my tendons as rubber bands. The old dried out kind, that when you stretch, they make a creaking sound. That's what my tendons do when I'm having tendon/friction rubs