Friday, March 25, 2011


So I spoke too soon.  Perhaps it wasn't the tail end of things cuz today I feel - Uggggh.

That or I jinxed myself with all that Happy Happy Joy Joy stuff   :-D

Ah yes, so today.... Today I finally got that achey flu like fun that we talk about with autoimmune disease. It's the pits. I also have the fatigue big time. The "walking through sludge" feeling. I woke up so groggy and tired this morning I felt like crying and seriously considering a coffee enema. My joints are screaming today. And I wanted to stay in bed. Yep - It is definitely here.

I had to go for an MRI of my left ankle today at 9:30 which felt like torture because I was so tired, but off I went to lay there under the thing, which basically amounts to a 45 minute really "Loud" nap.. so not too bad.
The doc ordered it because I have a nodule on my ankle that he wanted to check out. Not sure if its a calcium deposit, hardened connective tissue or just a cyst - but since my "Gangsta Gimp" has been getting worse, he thought the MRI couldn't hurt.

My ankle does feel like it is getting worse, and when it locks and does the gimp limp it is really not conducive to - well - walking, so I am interested to see if there is something there or if it's just AI and the big S. My theory, because as you know, I must theorize everything to death...... is "If" there is a nodule, cyst, whatever, there - perhaps it is pushing on nerves or tendons causing the pain to be worse?

Who knows... All I know, is if I didn't have the damn thing this morning... I'm not sure I woulda bet on me getting up before noon - lol.

As it was, when I got back I was pretty useless... I went to Target for an errand, then came home and was so tired, achey and beat that I actually lied down for about an hour and a half. I'm not a napper -so I just kinda day dreamed and relaxed, but I was beat. When I got up, I really wasn't much use then either. I'm still not. I feel foggy and drugged and like I have the flu. I feel so tired that I am on the verge of tears - only it's not fatigue that can be relieved from sleep - its that whole body bone crushing AI fatigue. Ugggg

But I made myself - after a few hours of internal cheerleading and coaxing - come in and update the blog so you know know that it finally hit... and that after my "Pocket Full of Sunshine" blog yesterday, everything's not coming up roses. BUT - for the record - I'm still in pretty good spirits about it. No Whoa is me yet...

Just trying to stay upright for another half hour so I can drop my son off at the "Middle School Dance" - whoop whoop!! There's Lasers.........

Anyway - so today I feel pretty crummy and extremely fatigued. Like I am fighting a horrendous flu and people are sticking hot pokers in my joints...

Also noticing that things are starting to get stuck again when swallowing... so I guess I may be off to see the wizard again. My last esophagus stretching was October 2009 - so I'd like to try to wait it out until October 2011... so we'll see. I'll keep y'all posted about that too... Other than that - Not much else to report.

In about Ohhhh 45-50 minutes, It'll be "The Final Countdown" and I will be Horizontal in my bed and loving every minute of it...

Hope you all have an amazing and beautiful Friday!!

Namaste ~



  1. Do you have the results of your MRI? I am also having difficulty swallowing and need my 2nd stretch, but like you, I am trying to wait. I also have nodules in my lungs. How frequently do you have a CAT scan of your lungs? Thanks for sharing info!

  2. Have you stopped blogging?

  3. Hi Anon -
    Ah the stretch - No Bueno!!
    I am still waiting on it. Scared. Don't know why cuz you can't remember anything after the Versed - Ha. Bless your heart... feel free to write me on my email if you decide to go in. It is scary and I understand the emotional implications of deciding to go.
    Yes - I have Lung Nodules - BUT I live in Arizona, and I heard they were pretty common out here (Valley Fever) although mine are not from Valley Fever, they seem to be benign - I just have to do the dang CT scan evey 3 months - but in an effort not to start "Glowing" from radiation - I am going to ask the doc if we can spread it out every 6 months.
    My testing - Let's see -
    I do my MGUS labs every 3 months
    CT scan Lungs every 3 months (asking for 6)
    Echo every 6 months
    PFT every 6 months
    EMG/NCS every 6 months
    Rheum every 3 months
    Rheum labs every 3 months (due to methotrextae)
    I think thats about every 6 months

    How about you?