Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Carafate is GREAT

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I was thinking about this since I packed and haven't had a chance to write about it - so here it goes......Carafate is Great!

No not just a rhyme... a reality.

It is an amazing medication if you have ANY Gastroparesis or GERD due to The Big S (or anything else for that matter) that affects your tummy or your ability to eat.

Carafate is Old School so the pharmacy may need to order it for you, but it is worth it. And the good news, it is so old school that ins does pay for it and it's cheap.

It is a liquid and it basically "coats" your tummy. Kind of like Magic Shell on ice cream (yum!)

It's like a life saving, amazing, impenetrable coating on your tummy that lets you eat. Hallelujah!

It is not like Pepto or Pepcid.... it is truly a coating for esophagus and stomach that is taken half an hour before you eat and then after if you wish and it alleviates any pain associated with eating, any nausea associated with GP food stalls, or any reflux. It is great and it really does work.

I had a horrible bout of GP with some severe GERD and wasn't able to eat a thing. I mean literally I had GP so bad that I would drink water, bend over and up and out would come the water. Everything was just pooling in my tummy which caused erosive gastropathy and GERD burning symptoms.

My MD prescribed this and advised it was a little pain in the butt to have to schedule eating....but it worked, so I tried it and it was a life saver. I cannot recommend it enough if you suffer with anything of the sort.

Magic Shell for the Tummy!!

I packed my bottle -and the bottle is huge - that is why I have been thinking about it and what prompted me to write. I have had a few rough days with the old GERD and used the Pepcid, but its not the same.

Anyway - Please spread the word. Its great stuff!

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