Wednesday, October 5, 2011

GERD is the Word

Well, I finally got over my bout of the Heebie-GP's - Gastroparesis only to have a couple weeks of GI issues and the dreaded GERD flare up - Hence the reason I haven't written in a few. 

Ah the dreaded infamous ever chronic GERD us Sclero's have to deal with, like an unwanted appendage, not fun, not wanted - but there. We are all "supposed" to be on prophylactic PPI medications, but this girl was feeling pretty good for a while and went off of them and was sorely reminded why it's a good idea to listen to your doctor. This last bout of GI issues was like swallowing hot coals and getting hit with an iron skillet on a daily basis. Not Fun!

My GP finally did resolve. I was able to eat, get everything down, and was able to keep everything down so Great! Game on!! Right? Well, turns out No. I guess from the stasis (stagnant state) within my bowel, it caused some serious bacterial overgrowth, which caused some horrible gas and bloating, which led to fetal position - tush up in the air - cramps and an inability to completely empty my bowels. When I could, I had serious cramps and would "Koo Koo Clock" (if you haven't read my blog - Koo Koo clocking is what I call having an bowel movement then turning around and needing to throw up only to turn right back around again). I know - Graphic imagery - But that's the reality of it. This is Scleroderma. The Good - The Bad and The Ugly

I was also getting serious GERD. It was so bad for a while that I had that constant cough, felt the bubbles coming up which is both a. A trip and b. Pretty uncomfortable. I felt like a human 7up for a while, only not Effervescent just in pain. I had a red raw sore throat from the reflux, my tummy burned like nobodies business and I couldn't eat anything that wasn't two steps away from bland. 

I ended up seeing the GI which I was planning to anyway due to the GP bout, and because it's October and about time. He chastised me for not staying on my Omeperzole and wrote me a new RX stating that "even if I feel good" - to keep my esophagus in shape and working for the long haul, this is now a forever med. I was put on a round of Flagyl for the bacterial overgrowth and Wowzer's, can I feel a difference. My lower abdomen distension is resolving so HELLO again jeans!! I also feel less gassy and bloated. He also RX'd something for GI cramps and my BFF Carafate (which is so great I wrote an entire blog on!) Carafate coats your esophagus and tummy, like a snuggie - you feel so warm, safe and cozy after it slides down and leaves it's protective coat on your insides making you able to eat without pain and keep your insides from feeling raw. It's good stuff. If you want to try it - make sure you get the Liquid. It'll be your Tummy Buddy too. Promise. 

I also had to start my supplements again too (shhh...yes I let those go to the wayside too) and start on the Vitamin D and B12 as my labs were low again (no parietal antibodies for you medical guru's - just plain ol' malabsorption). 

So, all in all I had added about 5 new meds to the mix, back on board and ready to join the party - but I am feeling 90% better than I was, so I will take it. Bring on the Co-pay - Mama's gotta eat!! 

I am not 100% there yet. Still can feel a little GERD happening, still get the tickle cough now and them - but it is settling down. I tried eating Vinaigrette salad dressing the other day and it didn't go over so well, so I am still kinda eating bland - but that's okay because I am eating. 

Moral of the story - DO NOT stop your PPI's!! It's No Bueno..... I will keep you posted and update a little more on Friday. I am getting all of my "Yearly's" done this week (CT Chest, CT Abdomen, PFT, ECHO) so I am on Sclero Overload. I will be getting that EGD and Colo done as well, so I will keep you posted on that too. Wahoo - Lucky you! 

Bye For Now and I hope this finds everyone healthy, happy and feeling well. 

Peace and Love ~



  1. Oh Stacie...I just love you for your honesty & your positivity!! MUAH!!! :D Glad you saw the Doc & that he scolded you for not doing a better job @ taking care of yoruself! i am also glad you are on the path to feeling better.

  2. Did you get good test results? Please share with us. We were diagnosed at about the same time, so I read your blog!

  3. @Jess ~ MUAH right back at ya!!
    @Anonymous ~ I am scheduled for my tests first week in November...Let the good times roll! I will absolutely share them with everyone. Thank you for reading and I am so sorry you are living with the Big S! I hope this finds you happy and doing well!