Sclerodharma Sclero-cabulary:

Autoimmune Diseases: Equal Opportunity destroyers - affecting any organ, any way, any time it wants to!

The Big S: Scleroderma (A big bummer)

Big S Territory: Symptoms of The Big S - or fun stuff that happens with the Big S (Good Times!)

Sclero-thing: Sad: my old dear friend whom I lost as a friend after my diagnosis told others that essentially I was always "wrapped up in that Scerloderma thing" and it was kind of a drag. So, needless to say - we are no longer friends.

Sclero-thing: Happy: Looking at the disease as a practice, like yoga, always changing, always progressing, and accepting you'll never have it mastered!

Mickey Mouse Hands: My hands when I first wake up in the morning. Stiff and Puffy - like the "too" big white gloves good old Mickey always wears. They feel like "Stay Puff" hands - but look like Mickey Hands.

Stay Puff Hands: See Above

The TMI Zone: Like the Twilight zone with too much personal graphic information about very impolite issues such as - Bowel Movements and Vomit.

Koo Koo Clock Bouts: Picture a Koo Koo clock on crack. Back and forth, back and forth...that is me during a GI Flare. For a nice visual, read the TMI blog! Good Stuff

Neapolitan Plan: I now see my life in three layers, like Neapolitan ice cream. If I do something in the morning (strawberry) and have plans in the evening (chocolate), I need to rest in the middle of my day (Vanilla). If I have a busy afternoon and have plans to meet friends for dinner, I know that I must rest in the morning. It works for me. But, it took a while for me to figure it out and even longer to accept it.

Holiday Inn day: When I awake so tired I want to cry and I just want to check into a Holiday Inn for a few days and hide from everyone and everything because I don’t have the energy to function.

Flare Bear: The stuffed teddy bear my son realized I hold when I am about to start a flare or are in a flare - Hence...The Flare Bear

Ray Not's:  Raynauds - cuz there is no ray of hope or sunshine with Raynauds!

The Wizard: Going to my doctor at the Mayo Clinic, I'm off to see the wizard....

OZ: The knower of "all things Scleroderma" - The Sclero- Doc at The Mayo Clinic

Sc-Alt: When my life comes to a screetching halt due to the Big S

Big Potty: Poop - Number two - bowel movement, whatever you like to call it!!

The "Underneath":  The new good - I am always a little more tired than I used to be, always a little weaker and always a little achy. But you are able to push past it and live. That is good. I call it "the underneath" - underneath my joints are always aching but mild enough to ignore, push through and enjoy is when it crawls out from "underneath" that it is more of a struggle.

"It Crawled out":  see above! It means - Damn it, the flood gates opened and it crawled out and I probobly feel like sh*t!!

The "old" good: The old Stacie. My old energy level - feeling pretty close to normal. Glorious!!